DAYKEM recognizes the importance of eliminating hazardous substances from our production cycle, so in February 2016, we signed the Detox commitment (MRSL), promoted by Greenpeace, thus starting an important path for improvement.
To find out more about Detox campaign, visit the Greenpeace website.




We share this commitment with a group of companies in the textile district of Prato, under the coordination of “Confindustria Toscana Nord”.
This new path wants to enrich our commitment to the environment, the health of workers and consumers through quality products and processes.

Here is complete report of our Detox commitment and the analyzes effettuate carried out on our products which represent 15% of our total production::

BIOPAL 150 (wetting-detergent)  Analysis Report 1 Analysis Report 2
MICROSOFT 773 (silicone microemulsion) Analysis Report 1 Analysis Report 2
FILOIL 253 (ensimage for secondary spinning) link report analisi Analysis Report 1 Analysis Report 2
REDUXIN 796 (reducing agent) Analysis Report 1 Analysis Report 2


For more information on the analyzes carried out on the incoming water to the production, here is their report:



Daykem is committed , as part of the Detox project , in the elimination of perfluorinated compounds.
For this reason, from July 2016, perfluorinated resins have been excluded from our range of production and sale .

In addition we have worked to find an alternative ” fluoro -free ” for the waterproofing of textile articles.
This research led to encouraging results , with unexpected positive performance , not only to the water resistance , but even to washing resistance.

Substitution PFC-case study daykem

PFC test report ecodorop 502

PFC test report rainstop 681

PFC test report catalyst 788

Daykem APEOs Report 2016